Quietway in Ham – Have your say

This consultation is about gathering views from the public on revised proposals to improve the environment for cycling and pedestrians along the new ‘Quietway’ route from Ham Gate towards Teddington Lock Footbridge.


Quietways are a network of cycle routes throughout London aimed at overcoming barriers to cycling.

One Quietway in London has been launched and up to seven more are expected to be launched in early 2018. They utilise low traffic routes within parks and back streets whilst also seeking to provide improved access and safety where they pass along busier roads and through local centres.

Changes to the proposals

There are a number of changes to the proposals. In the original consultation (in 2016), it was proposed to include a Quietway through Teddington High Street. However, following a review of the route, comments received and a review of funding, it has been decided not to continue with this stretch of road as part of the Quietway scheme.

The Council plans to re-consider improvements to Teddington High Street that will benefit cyclists and other road users , subject to full consultation and engagement with the community, and future funding. Therefore, the Quietway scheme will only now consider Ham Gate towards the Teddington Lock Footbridge.


Have your say

You can have your say online.

You can also attend an exhibition on Wednesday 7 February from 3 to 9pm at Ham Library Annexe, Ham Street, Ham, TW10 7HR.

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Updated: 26 April 2018