Flood recovery funding for Borough Principal Road Network (BPRN) roads

The Department for Transport (DfT) have provided local authorities with additional flood recovery funds to address the damage caused to the Borough Principal Road Network (BPRN) roads by the extreme wet weather in 2013/2014.  We have received £456,000.

Prioritised list of roads

Prioritised List of BPRN roads damaged during the 2013/2014 extreme winter requiring road repairs.
Road Name Ward
Hampton Court Road Hampton
Hampton Road Fulwell & Hampton Hill
Hampton Road West Twickenham
Park Road Fulwell & Hampton Hill
Staines Road West Twickenham
Uxbridge Road Hampton North
Castelnau Barnes

How were roads chosen for repair?

The roads chosen were identified from detailed highway condition surveys and highway inspections records.

How and when will these roads be repaired?

The funds allow for the treatment of prioritised areas in most need of repair and temporary road repairs have been undertaken. It will not be possible to resurface the entire road.

Work was carried out in July and August 2014.

Updated: 14 June 2017