Bus timetable changes

Buses will not use Hammersmith Bridge until the safety-critical upgrade work is complete. Transport for London (TfL) has made some changes to the local bus network to improve links for people affected by the closure. Richmond Council officers have raised concerns about these changes and have asked TfL to review the bus routes.

Affected routes

  • Route 209 will be reinstated from 3 August 2019
  • A new route 378 between Mortlake, Avondale Road and Putney Bridge Station. Buses will run via Avondale Road, Mortlake High Street, The Terrace, Barnes Bridge Station, Barnes High Street, Church Road, Station Road, Mill Hill Road, Lower Richmond Road and Putney Bridge.
  • Routes 33, 72, 419 and 485 will run shortened or altered routes
  • A new route, route 533 will run between Barnes and Hammersmith via Chiswick Bridge
  • More buses will run on route 265 between Roehampton and Putney Bridge station
  • Route 419 will be extended from Barnes to Roehampton, Bessborough Road. This will restore the direct link between the south end of Hammersmith Bridge and Roehampton Lane, including links to Queen Mary’s Hospital and Roehampton University. The route will no longer serve Church Road in Barnes, but customers travelling between Barnes Pond and the south end of Hammersmith Bridge can continue to use the recently changed route 209.The frequency of route 419 will also be increased so that buses run every 12 minutes on Monday to Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sundays and all evenings.
  • The additional buses we have been running on route 265 between Roehampton and Putney Bridge station will no longer run from Saturday 28 September.  The main 265 service between Tolworth and Putney Bridge will continue as normal, with buses running up to every 12 minutes, supplemented between Roehampton and Barnes station by the newly-extended 419

Full details of each route are available from TfL.

Changes are designed to:

  • Provide direct links between Roehampton, Mortlake and Barnes and the Tube network at Putney Bridge
  • Provide a new direct link between Barnes, Mortlake and Hammersmith, where there is step-free access to the Tube

You can see further details of these changes and provide feedback on TfL's consultations page.

How these changes may affect Barnes residents

Buses on routes 33, 419 and 485, which normally run along different roads, will now be running along Verdun Road, between Howsman Road and Lonsdale Road. There will be up to 14 buses per hour daily (northbound only).

This is to enable a turning movement for empty buses terminating south of the bridge (routes 33 and 485), so that in-service route 419 buses do not come into conflict with these turning buses.

New Lonsdale Road service

A new circular service, route 533, will also now be running along the full length of Lonsdale Road.

Between Verdun Road and Kilmington Road up to 16 buses per hour will run along Lonsdale Road daily (eastbound only). There will also be up to several standing buses at a time eastbound.

Between Suffolk Road and Verdun Road there will be two buses per hour daily (northbound only) along Lonsdale Road.

There will normally be no buses at night (between approximately 1 and 5am).

Full details of each route change are available from TfL.

Updated: 3 September 2019