London Taxicard

London Taxicard provides subsidised door-to-door transport in licensed black taxis and private hire vehicles for people with mobility problems.

Who it is for

The scheme is available to permanent residents of the Borough who are:

  • blind; or
  • have long term, severe mobility difficulties; and
  • have difficulty in using public transport.

Some people with severely disruptive behaviour may also qualify.

How it works

If you are approved to become a scheme member, you will be sent a starter pack containing your Taxicard. You will first need to activate your Taxicard by following the instructions within the starter pack.

Once activated, you can book taxis online via Computer Cab (ComCab) or by telephoning the number on the back of the card. You can also hail a Computer Cab taxi in the street or from a rank. Taxicard members booking online can track the progress of the booking via their ComCab account.

The scheme year runs from 1 April until 31 March. Scheme members are allocated an annual trip allowance of 104 trips, per year, on 1 April each year. If you are joining the scheme part way through the scheme year, your trip allocation for your first year will be calculated pro rata by London Councils. Thereafter you will receive 104 trips on the 1 April each year. Unused trips from the previous scheme year are not carried over.


Trips are paid for partly by us and partly by you, the Taxicard member.

There are three tariffs depending on the day and time you travel. We pay a different amount towards the cost of your journey, based on which tariff is used.

You always pay the first £2.50. If the trip cost exceeds this £2.50, plus our contribution of £8.30 (if daytime tariff), you must pay the excess amount.

Double swiping

If you take a longer journey you can choose to use two trips from your allowance to help cover the cost of the journey. We call this double swiping. If you double swipe, the contribution you make and the contribution made by us will be doubled.

Costs for single and double swipe trips
  Daytime tariff Evening and weekend tariff Night tariff
Days and times of tariff Monday to Friday, 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday 8 to 10pm; and Saturday and Sunday 6am to 10pm Every night 10pm to 6am
Council pays £8.30 £9.30 £10.80
Member pays £2.50 plus any journey amount above £10.80 £2.50 plus any journey amount above £11.80 £2.50 plus any journey amount above £13.30
(Double swipe) Council pays £16.60 £18.60 £21.60
(Double swipe) member pays £5 plus any journey amount above £21.60 £5 plus any journey amount above £23.60 £5 plus any journey amount above £26.60


How to apply

To make an application download our Taxicard application pack. (You can also read our Personal Information Policy).

If you have any questions about the form, need help completing or if you would like a hard copy sent to you please call 020 8831 6312 or email

Please return the completed application form with all the relevant documents to:

Supported Travel Team
44 York Street

Make sure you use the correct postage when sending in your application so it is not delayed. If you are unsure how much postage you require, have your envelope weighed at a Post Office.

If posting documentation please only send copies of the required proofs, not originals. If you send originals you will be responsible for collecting them from us.

For more information about the type of proofs we accept visit application checklist.


If you are turned down for the scheme, you have a right to appeal. The appeals procedure(pdf, 68KB) outlines the two stages of appeal.

In a stage one appeal you are invited to provide further medical evidence and an appeal statement to explain why you believe yourself to be eligible for the scheme. If unsuccessful at stage one appeal, you have the option of a stage two appeal, which is when your case is heard by the Appeals Sub-Committee; a panel of Councillors who review your case and make a final decision.

The Appeals Sub-Committee procedure (pdf, 156 KB) outlines what you can expect from a stage two appeal hearing. The guidelines for the determination of a stage two appeal(pdf, 134KB) explains how the final decision is made at a stage two appeal.

What happens next

We will contact you within 10 working days about your application and either:

  • tell you your application has been successful. In this case, you will be sent a London Taxicard membership pack;
  • ask you to attend a Mobility Assessment; or
  • ask for further documentation.

Updated: 7 March 2018