20mph speed limits and zones

An amended 20mph limit is set to be introduced in Richmond upon Thames, if the Council’s Scrutiny Committee, followed by the Cabinet, agree to the amended proposals. This follows a 12-week consultation held last year.

Our approach to 20mph speed limits

In 2018, we proposed to introduce 20mph across Richmond upon Thames. We specifically proposed to reduce the speed limit on all roads in the borough, excluding the A316 and A205 (which are under Transport for London red-route control). This would replace the existing policy under which 20mph zones are implemented on a zone by zone basis.

We believe that 20mph would have huge benefits to improving road safety. Including:

  • Reducing vehicle speeds on our roads, particularly on those roads which have the highest rate of non-compliance
  • Leading to an overall improvement in the liveability of neighbourhoods
  • Creating a more consistent landscape of 20mph across London in line with neighbouring boroughs
  • Reducing the need for physical traffic calming measures
  • Aiding the Council’s wider aim to improve air quality

The Consultation

During the 12-week consultation, residents could have their say online, in hard copy questionnaires, or at one of the Community Conversation events.

See the below for the materials provided during the Consultation:

Presentations and communications

Findings from the Consultation

While opinion was split among the nearly 10,000 respondents on whether to implement the council’s 20mph proposal in its original form (47.9 per cent in favour and 49.7 per cent against), 52 per cent of respondents agreed that a 20mph limit should reduce the number and severity of road accidents. 

The Consultation also found that vulnerable road users were overwhelmingly supportive of the proposals with 65 per cent of under 19s and 60 per cent of over 75s supporting the proposals.

Taking the views of residents into account, the Council’s amended proposal includes new changes, including:

  • A revision of the proposed 20mph speed limit on the A308 between Kingston and Hampton, including Hampton Court Road, Upper Sunbury Road and Lower Sunbury Road (excluding Thames Street). The stretch (excluding Thames Street) will now be 30mph
  • Initial exclusion of the A310 between Kingston Bridge roundabout and Twickenham. This will be subject to a study aimed at introducing collision and speed reduction measures and will also determine whether to implement 20mph on the A310
  • Initial exclusion of part of the A305 between Apex Corner roundabout and Twickenham town centre.  This will also be subject to a study aimed at introducing collision and speed reduction measure and will determine whether to implement 20mph on this section of the A305

The Council will also commission an independent air quality assessment around the scheme measuring key baseline readings around the likes of NO2 and PM10 emissions. 

What happens now

The Housing, Community Safety and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee will discuss the results on Monday 25 February, followed by Cabinet on Thursday 14 March 2019.

Additional resources

Updated: 27 February 2019