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We carried out a review of the Hampton Wick CPZ in response to resident feedback.


We conducted a consultation with residents and businesses situated within the Hampton Wick CPZ as part of a study of parking in the locality.

This review followed complaints received by the Council from residents concerning congestion and access problems that have been occurring in the zone on Sundays when the CPZ is not in operation. Complaints were also received from residents concerning the difficulties they have in finding a parking space near to their home on these days.

It is understood that these difficulties are primarily caused by shoppers and other visitors to Kingston town centre.

1st stage consultation – June/July 2017

Residents and businesses were asked whether they would wish to see the operational hours/days of this CPZ increased so that it also applies on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


Hampton Wick CPZ review drawing (pdf, 557 KB)


The consultation closed on Friday 11 August 2017.

There were only three roads where more than 50% of households were in favour:

  • School Lane
  • School Road
  • Baygrove Mews

Given the number of roads which have shown support for the increased operational hours, some further analysis was carried out to see if an area within the boundary could be formed where support exceeds 50% of households, once purpose-built flats with their own parking, are removed. ‘In favour’ responses received from these properties were also removed. An area comprising the following roads was formed:

  • School Lane
  • School Road
  • Church Grove
  • Park Road
  • St John’s Road
  • Saddlers Mews
  • High Street

Results of the Hampton Wick CPZ consultation (MS Excel, 35 KB) 


The results showed support in some of the roads for an extension of the hours, however, following the subsequent implementation of double yellow lines in the Park Road and School Road area, we received few enquiries or complaints concerning the parking problems on Sundays. Given this, we will not be proceeding with extending the operational hours at this time but will reconsider the matter in 2020 with a view to carrying out a new consultation.

Modifications - June 2019 

Following requests received from local traders and observations by Council officers to provide more parking flexibility in the zone for the local shops and businesses, some modifications to Zone X are proposed, as detailed below and on the attached plans (pdf, 635 KB).

  • Reallocation of carriageway space to create six parking places at the following locations:
    • 2 x Pay and Display bays on the north-western side of Old Bridge Street
    • 1 x Pay and Display bay outside No 13 High Street
    • 1 x Pay and Display bays outside Nos 59/61 High Street
    • 1 x Resident Permit Holders only bay outside No 7 Park Road
  • Conversion of two existing Resident Permit Holders only bays to Pay and Display bays outside Nos 55/57 High Street
  • Extend the maximum stay within all proposed and existing Pay and Display bays on High Street from one hour to two hours
  • Re-programme all Pay and Display machines within Zone X, along with the Ringo Pay By Phone system to allow advance purchase of parking time, that is, to carry over into the next day (up to the maximum stay period in force)

The changes to the CPZ will be implemented by way of an Experimental Traffic Order and will be monitored over the first six months of operation. Implementing the changes in this way will provide a period of operational experience and allows for representations to be made during its first six months of operation.

Before implementing the changes, we invited and considered your feedback. The deadline for sending feedback was Friday 19 July 2019.


In response to the consultation, we received representations from 12 respondents. Of this number, two generally supported the proposals, four were against some of the proposals and the remainder made various comments and suggestions about the proposals and the CPZ generally.

Officers have considered the feedback to the consultation and the decision has been made to implement the proposals with one exception. The proposed new bay outside nos 51/53 High Street will not be implemented due to concerns raised about possible congestion. One bay is being added outside no 61 High Street.

Read the report detailing the outcome.


Lining and signing works are expected to be carried out during November 2019. There may be a need to apply some parking suspensions to facilitate the lining works. However, we will endeavour to keep these parking suspensions, along with the amount of signage required, to a minimum.

The amendments to the CPZ will come into operation on Monday 2 December 2019.


The amendments to the CPZ will be implemented by way of Experimental Traffic Management Orders to provide a period of operational experience of the scheme and will be monitored during the first six months of operation. We would invite you to tell us how the amendments have worked during this period.

Representations may be made either by letter to the Head of Engineering (Traffic and Parking Policy), Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3BZ, or by email to

CPZ operational hours/days

We intend to review the position regarding operational hours and days during 2020/21.


To find out more contact us by email at or call 020 8891 1411.

Updated: 19 August 2021