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We carried out a review of parking in the roads around Whitton Station in response to residents' feedback.


This review was commissioned in response to petitions from residents in roads south of Whitton Station concerning parking and traffic problems which were attributed primarily to the parking of vehicles by non-residents (all day commuters and long stay parking). 

As part of the review, we carried out a consultation with residents and businesses within the area shown on the consultation plan (pdf, 240 KB) to ask their views on the present parking conditions, including whether they would support the introduction of a new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), and, if so, what days and hours it should operate. We also asked whether residents would like the event day CPZ (Zone R) to operate in your road during events at Twickenham Stadium. Further information can be found on our Twickenham Event Parking page.

The consultation also included some roads to the north of Whitton Station where ongoing parking problems have been reported.

The consultation began on Monday 17 September and ended on Monday 15 October 2018.

The consultation has now closed.

You can view the paper letter (pdf, 217 KB) and questionnaire (pdf, 257 KB) sent to residents and businesses.

North of Whitton station

There was a previous study of parking in roads north of Whitton Station conducted in 2017.

Parking surveys

Officers base their recommendations on their own observations of parking conditions in the area. As an additional source of information, parking beat surveys are often carried out by an external survey company. These are only expected to be a snapshot of the parking conditions to establish reasonable estimates of the numbers of vehicles parked belonging to residents, visitors and non-residents.


The Whitton Station parking consultation results (pdf, 493 KB) show:

  • The majority of respondents are in support of a CPZ in Constance Road, Jubilee Avenue, Mayfair Avenue, Montrose Avenue Pauline Crescent, Ryecroft Avenue, Tranmere Road and Willowdene Close
  • The most popular times selected over the whole area were 10am to 2pm (38 per cent)
  • The most popular days selected over the whole area were Monday to Friday (64 per cent)
  • Across the whole consultation area, the majority of respondents (52%) did not want parking controls to be applied during major events at Twickenham Stadium (Zone R) with 45 per cent in support


To implement two new Controlled Parking Zones as shown on the plan (pdf, 538 KB):

  • The Whitton South CPZ and The Central Whitton CPZ
  • Operating hours to be Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm
  • The Whitton South CPZ to include roads: Blandford Avenue, Jubilee Avenue, Pauline Crescent, the adjoining section of Chertsey Road, Montrose Avenue and Rycroft Avenue
  • The Central Whitton CPZ to include roads Camellia Place, Constance Road, Tranmere Road, Mayfair Avenue and Melrose Avenue
  • Zone R to operate in CPZ areas during event days at Twickenham Stadium
  • The west side of the High Street will be included in the Central Whitton CPZ to enable properties to be eligible to apply for parking permits
  • The east side of the High Street is included in Zone R to enable properties to be eligible to apply for parking permits

The CPZ will be implemented by way of Experimental Traffic Orders to provide a period of operational experience of the scheme and to allow representations to be made during the first six months of operation when a review will take place.

Click below to view the Cabinet Member decision made by the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transport, Streetscene and Air Quality:

Preliminary design

In November, we consulted the community on the preliminary designs of the parking bay layout in both the Whitton South and Whitton Central CPZs. 

View preliminary designs here:

The dealing for the receipt of comments is Friday 15 November 2019.

Final designs

Your comments about the Whitton South (pdf, 110 KB) and Whitton Central (pdf, 77 KB) CPZ preliminary designs have been fully considered and have proven a useful aid in refining the design.

View the final designs:

Implementation - Update 28 February 2020

  • The start date of the Whitton Central (WC) and Whitton South (WS) CPZs was Monday 16 March 2020, with PCNs issued from Monday 30 March 2020
  • All Zone WC and WS Resident Permits were charged from Wednesday 1 April 2020

Event Zone R

  • The daytime CPZs (Zones WC and WS) operate 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday and the event Zone R operates at fixed hours 11am to 11pm
  • You may apply for a Zone R Resident Permit and/or a Resident Visitor Permit if you need to park a vehicle solely during Zone R operating days/times
  • Zone R permits are currently free and will not be valid during the days and times that Zone WC operates. For more information see our Twickenham events page.


This CPZ was implemented by way of Experimental Traffic Management Orders to provide a period of operational experience of the scheme and monitored during the first six months of operation. We would invite you to tell us how the scheme has worked for you during this period.

Representations may be made either by:

  • Letter to Head of Engineering (Traffic and Parking Policy), Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3BZ
  • Email to


To find out more contact us by email at or call 020 8891 1411.

Updated: 19 August 2021