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If your garden waste was not collected, you would have got a yellow advice tag on your bin.

Reasons for non collection

Your bin was not collected because either:

Your bin also may not have been collected because:

  • Your bin was too heavy for our us to move and/or empty safely
  • Your bin was not presented at the collection point (e.g. at the edge of your property next to the public highway or an alternative agreed point)
  • You did not use a Richmond blue lid Garden Waste recycling wheel bin
  • We were unable to access your containers to empty them (for example, because of parked cars blocking access or bins left behind a locked gate)

How to ensure future collections

To make sure your bin is collected next time, please ensure:

  • You have the correct sticker on your bin
  • Remove any items from your bin that cannot be collected before your next collection
  • Make sure your bin is presented at the kerbside or agreed collection point

Updated: 20 December 2018

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