Commercial and trade waste at Townmead Road

Information on commercial and trade waste regulations at Townmead Road.

Commercial waste charges

What we treat as commercial/trade waste

Commercial/trade waste is waste arising from:

  • a commercial organisation; or charities, unless exempt, (proof required);
  • a business or trade;
  • a person's employment;
  • DIY waste;
  • excess construction and demolition waste delivered by residents.

Waste Carriers Licence

The law states that any business transporting waste, whether their own or someone else's, for free or for profit, must register as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency in England.

Businesses are required to show their waste carriers licence certificate to Townmead Road site staff before tipping their waste. Failure to provide the certificate may result in refusal to tip your waste.

If you wish to dispose of any construction and demolition waste you must register for an upper tier licence.

If you do not have a valid licence, you must register as a carrier of waste.

Depending on the activity, this registration may be free of charge.

Register as a waste carrier

Payment for tipping trade waste

  • You can only pay for waste with a Debit/Credit Card.
  • Failure to have enough funds for payment, may be construed as illegal dumping, and is punishable with up to £2,500 fine.

Find out more about our commercial waste charges.

Trade customer admission

It may be necessary to close our facility to Trade customers periodically. On such occasions priority will be given to residents of LB Richmond. Trade services will resume as soon as is practical.

See our trade opening hours.

Updated: 26 September 2018