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There is no charge for most waste from households. Qualifying for free waste disposal is at the discretion of the site manager. If you bring more than the specified amount or the waste you bring doesn't qualify for free disposal, you will be charged the full trade waste prices set.

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When do construction and demolition charges apply to waste from households?

Commercial waste charges apply if the waste meets any of the following criteria:

  • The waste was transported by a third party receiving payment for transporting it.
  • The waste was from a residential property that you let.
  • The waste was delivered in a van and without an accepted form of photo ID and proof of address (e.g. driving licence plus recent Council Tax or utility bill).
  • The waste originated from outside the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

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Charges from 2 December 2019: delayed

A new charge for residents wanting to dispose of construction and demolition waste at Richmond’s Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Kew has been delayed, to enable a review of how it will be implemented.

The Council announced plans to introduce the charge in December 2019, which was agreed as part of a cost saving package in 2017.

The charge, which is already introduced in a number of other local authorities in London, aims to cover the rising costs of disposing of construction and demolition waste.

However, and since the announcement, residents have raised concerns about the proposed charging structure, and the need for clarification on the minimum charge which would potentially penalise those only wanting to dispose of a small amount of construction and demolition waste, for example a few bags of unwanted bathroom tiles.

Further information to follow this year.

Updated: 23 August 2022

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