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Active Richmond Fund grants are awarded by the Public Health Department by delegated authority to the Director of Public Health. Applicants have 12 months to complete the project, unless an extension to the funding period has been agreed with Officers.

Grants awarded
Group Grant amount Award date Project description
Combination Dance (Registered Charity No. 1123954) £4,694 September 2021 Delivering three dance, fitness and wellbeing sessions, including for adults with additional needs, adults with long term health issues and a new parent and baby group.
Orange Tree Theatre (Registered Charity No. 266128) £4,890 August 2021 Running two weekly participatory theatre groups for people experiencing isolation or loneliness. This includes an adults group and a parent and baby group.
The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)
(Registered Charity No. 261009)
£5,000 August 2021 Providing Green Gym sessions for local residents, using gardening and environmental conservation to improve people’s health, fitness and wellbeing.

(Registered Charity No 1179424)

£4,932 July 2021 Dance for Health classes for adults aged 65+, those living with dementia and adults with learning disabilities.
Feel Good & Grow in partnership with Habitats & Heritage £5,000 June 2021 A horticultural and healthy cooking project for people living with dementia and their carers, as well as for people over the age of 70.
Intergenerational Music Making


£5,000 June 2021 Running intergenerational music and movement infused programmes, such as musical yoga and musical swish ball drumming
Voices of Hope (Registered Charity No.1187454)


£5,000 June 2021 Active Breathing Courses for people recovering from COVID-19, aimed at restoring, improving and strengthening lung capacity to build resilience
Richmond AID (Registered Charity No. 1074788)


£4,999 June 2021 Funding for a Wellbeing Coordinator to develop outdoor activities for people with complex mental health conditions
TAG Youth Club (Registered Charity No. 1190960)


£4,660 June 2021 Expanding parkour classes for adults aged 18-30 living with disabilities
Richmond Borough Mind (Registered Charity No. 1146297)


£2,444 June 2021 Supporting people with mental health needs to join the Positive Living Group for therapeutic cooking and learn about nutrition

Activate Project (Church of St Peter and St Paul, Teddington)

£3,600 April 2021 Establishing the Activate Sport and Wellbeing Hub to deliver activities that will improve people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing

The Cambrian Community Centre (Registered Charity No. 1151011)


April 2021 Additional gym inductions for people referred to the centre from GPs, NHS Clinics and Social Prescribers and launching new fitness courses aimed at supporting COVID-19 recovery needs

Elleray Community Association (Registered Charity No. 1150261)


April 2021 Delivering eight 5-week gentle relaxation, calming skills and mindfulness technique classes

Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston Upon Thames (Registered Charity No. 3004206)


April 2021 Setting up a twice-monthly 2 hour Carers Café for carers and former carers in Hampton Hill 

Richmond Rugby Ltd


April 2021 Launch a new parents and sons/daughters walking rugby group, focusing on getting people more active

United Response (Registered Charity No. 265249)


April 2021 Running keep fit and wellbeing classes (including sports) for adults living with disabilities

Updated: 17 November 2021