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Move for a healthier borough

Richmond moves at home!

COVID-19 means there is less opportunity to practice physical activity outside of the home. The pandemic has led to some people becoming inactive - many are no longer walking or cycling to get to the shops or to work, exercise classes are on hold and gyms are closed.

Whilst lockdown is set to lift soon, many will have been inactive for quite some time and the more inactive we are the greater the risk to our health and wellbeing.

This page and its resources are aimed at people looking to become more active from the comfort of their own homes.

Video resources

Videos have been recorded with professional Personal Trainers from our Sports team and have been created in partnership with the Public Health team. They are easy to follow, no longer than 15 minutes in length and are designed for beginners or those returning to exercise after a prolonged break.

Start with Sam's warm up routine video, try another video afterwards and build up to doing these videos regularly (two or three times a week). You should also be doing the recommended 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week. This could be a brisk walk, mowing the lawn or a similar activity that increases your heart rate.

Warm-up routine with Sam

Aerobics for beginners with Sam

Pilates with Hamid

Shoulder mobility with Hamid

Hip Flexibility with Hamid

Building upper body strength with Charlie

Building lower body strength with Charlie

Building core strength with Charlie

Other free resources

See links below to other free resources that will help you reap the benefits of physical activity.

Resources for older people

The NHS website has chair based exercise videos, flexibility exercise videos and balance exercise videos.

Visit Age UK Richmond’s YouTube channel for Zumba, Walking Football and Fit for Men workout videos.

Visit the Silverfit at Home YouTube channel to access various online workout videos that you can follow from home.

Resources for pregnant women

This Mum Moves offers a fantastic range of workout content for pregnant women and new mums.

The NHS offers guidance on exercises to do during pregnancy, ones to avoid and tips for a fitter pregnancy - including stomach-strengthening and pelvic floor exercises.

Resources for those with additional needs

MENCAP Richmond has an easy-to-read guide on keeping active.

The children’s charity Skylarks has a range of online activities including karate for children and yoga for adults.

Theatre company Dramatize in Richmond works with adults with learning disabilities and is offering online workshops and activities via Zoom.

The Special Olympics website recommends exercise activities and fitness videos for adults and children with learning disabilities.

We are Undefeatable has a YouTube channel that provides a range of home exercise videos and guides on ways to get moving whilst at home.

RISE (Richmond upon Thames Inclusive Sport and Exercise) are currently offering Dance and Multi-sports online.

Updated: 30 March 2021