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Richmond Upon Thames boasts a thriving and dedicated voluntary sector formed of over 800 voluntary sector organisations alongside 29 GP surgeries, 45 community pharmacies and 40 care homes supporting the local population. Alongside these supporting organisations, the community has an important role to play in building a picture of the health and social care need in Richmond.

This chapter provides data from desk- based research, interviews with people who had attended events, the opinion of these community group co-ordinators and findings from surveys. The available data primarily came from HealthWatch Richmond; a summary of findings during their consultation work across the borough over the last five years. It is this large and thorough body of work which forms the basis of this chapter. The chapter may not reflect the experiences of all communities as it was written at a time of COVID-19 pandemic, but it provides a rigorous account from available information.


  1. Introduction
  2. Start Well
  3. Live Well
  4. Age Well
  5. Vulnerable Groups and carers
  6. Wider Determinants of Health
  7. Impact of COVID 19

Updated: 29 November 2021

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