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Submit a school admissions appeal

If your child has been refused a place at one of your preferred primary or secondary schools, you may appeal the decision of the admissions authority. Your reasons for appealing will then be considered by an independent panel.

You must read the guidance notes before you complete your form.

Before you start

If your child is starting school in September 2021, ensure you check the deadlines for making an appeal and scheduled appeal dates.

You can only lodge an appeal once you have received a letter refusing a place at your preferred school(s). To apply for a school place or to enquire about the waiting list please contact School Admissions.

The Richmond Independent Appeals Service is responsible for the appeals for the Richmond schools listed below. We also handle the appeals for Kingston Borough's Community Schools and a few other out of borough schools.

For appeals for Richmond schools not listed below or any other school, college or nursery, you should contact the establishments directly. If you are unsure who you should appeal to, contact us for advice.


  • Alexandra Primary School
  • Archdeacon Cambridge's CE Primary School
  • Barnes Primary School
  • Bishop Perrin CE Primary School
  • Blue CE Primary School
  • Buckingham Primary School
  • Burlington Infants
  • Burlington Junior School
  • Carlisle Infant Primary School
  • Chase Bridge Primary School
  • Christ's CE Secondary School
  • Cleaves School
  • Cobham Free School
  • Collis Primary School
  • Coombe Hill Infants
  • Darell Primary School
  • East Sheen Primary School
  • Ellingham Primary School
  • Fern Hill Primary School
  • Grand Avenue Primary School
  • Green Lane Primary School
  • Hampton High School
  • Hampton Hill Junior School
  • Hampton Infant School
  • Hampton Junior School
  • Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School
  • Heathfield Junior School
  • Heathfield Nursery and Infant School
  • Kew Riverside School
  • King Athelstan Primary School
  • King’s Oak Primary School
  • Lime Tree Primary School
  • Lovelace Primary School
  • Lowther Primary School
  • Malden Manor Primary School
  • Maple Infants School
  • Marshgate Primary School
  • Meadlands Primary School
  • Orleans Park Academy
  • Orleans Primary School
  • Queen’s CE Primary School
  • Richmond Park Academy
  • Richmond-upon-Thames School
  • Robin Hood Primary School
  • Russell Primary School
  • Sheen Mount Primary School
  • St Edmund's Catholic Primary School
  • St James' Catholic Primary School
  • St John's CE School
  • St Luke’s CE Primary School (Kingston)
  • St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary School
  • St Mary's CE (Twickenham) Primary School
  • St Mary's Hampton CE Primary School
  • St Mary’s and St Peter’s CE Primary School
  • St Stephen’s CE Primary School
  • Stanley Primary School
  • Teddington School
  • Tolworth Infants School
  • Tolworth Junior School
  • Twickenham Primary Academy
  • Twickenham School
  • Thompson House
  • Trafalgar Infant School
  • Trafalgar Junior School
  • Turing House School
  • Vineyard Primary School
  • Waldegrave School

Special Educational Needs

You should not complete an appeal form if your child has an Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP) as the Authority’s SEN Panel will consider your case separately.

Submitting your form

You must ensure you have read the appeals guidance (pdf, 110 KB) before you begin the form.

If you are appealing for more than one child, or more than one school, a separate form must be completed for each.

The easiest way is to submit your appeal using our online form at the bottom of this page. Paper forms are available on request.

You will need

  • Child's details, including proof of residence if you have moved since your original application. 
  • Your reasons for appealing
  • Evidence to support your appeal (e.g. a doctor’s letter).

The appeal hearing is arranged independently of the Admissions Team, therefore any evidence submitted that you wish to be used in the determination of your waiting list place must also be sent to School Admissions.

Important dates and deadlines

The following appeal dates apply to children starting school in September 2021.

Secondary appeals

  • Deadline for lodging secondary appeals: 19 April 2021
  • Secondary appeals are scheduled to be heard in May/June 2021

Primary appeals

  • Deadline for lodging primary appeals: 24 May 2021
  • Primary appeals are scheduled to be heard during July 2021

Any appeals lodged after these dates will still be heard, however they may be delayed.


For more information about admissions appeals, contact us:

Phone: 020 8891 7183

It may take us longer to respond during peak periods.

We are unable to assist with queries relating to your child’s application, including their position on any waiting lists. Contact School Admissions for more information about these matters.

Submit an appeal online

Updated: 09 June 2021