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Out of hours contact

Our main opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except for bank holidays.

Outside of these hours you can call us in an emergency, or use our website to report an issue, make a payment, apply for a service, or view our public registers.

Call us in an emergency

In an emergency, call 020 8891 7999.

This number should be used for council emergencies only. We cannot help if you are a victim of crime, witness a crime in progress or require assistance, or if there is an emergency that could cause harm to people or property. You should call the emergency services on 999 immediately. For non-emergency incidents call 101.

What we can help with

We can help with emergencies such as:

  • Careline alarm calls for help
  • Immediate safeguarding issues
  • Access to a social worker for urgent or emergency matters
  • Unauthorised absence or safe return of young person in care

We can also help with reports of:

  • Dangerous structures
  • Major road or pavement obstructions e.g. fallen tree across the highway or pavement
  • Hazards or hazardous substances requiring clearing
  • Road flooding
  • Noise or nuisance

Using our website

You can use our website 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

You can view/search our public registers online:

Updated: 09 October 2023

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