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Election date: 6 May 2010

Electorate: 80569

Ballot Papers Issued: 59829

Rejected Ballot Papers: 125

Turnout: 74.26%

Candidate results
Candidate's Name Party Votes Elected?
Armstrong, Paul The Magna Carta Party 40 No
Cable, Vince Liberal Democrat 32483 Yes
Cole, Harry Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality 76 No
Gilbert, Brian Patrick UK Independent Party (UKIP) 868 No
Hurst, Chris British National Party 654 No
Roest, Stephen George Green Party 674 No
Thomas, Deborah Helen The Conservative Party Candidate 20343 No
Tomlinson, Brian The Labour Party Candidate 4583 No

Duly Elected

  • Cable, Vince (Liberal Democrat)

Updated: 05 November 2020

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