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We take the risk of fraud extremely seriously and work hard to prevent it.

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Report a fraud

Our Internal Audit and Investigation Service (IAIS) is responsible for understanding and assessing fraud risks, preventing and detecting fraud and ensuring that appropriate sanctions are taken against those who commit fraud against us.

Please tell us if you have any concerns about fraudulent behaviour connected to the Council:

Our investigations

We undertake reactive investigations when someone raises a concern about potential fraud or where issues arise as part of our routine work.

We also have a programme of proactive fraud checks linked to the Council’s highest fraud risks and take part in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data matching exercise. Some of the key areas of proactive work include:

  • salary and overtime payments
  • housing fraud
  • procurement cards
  • high value payments to contractors

Fraud investigation figures

Information about Fraud Investigation Activity that is required to be published by the Government's Transparency Code is reported to the Audit and Standards Committee. For the latest information, see section 6, Fraud Update (agenda item 13) from the 23 November 2023 Audit, Standards and Statutory Accounts Committee.

Figures for earlier years can be found within past Fraud reports to the Audit, Standards and Statutory Accounts Committee.

Anti-fraud framework

Our Whistleblowing Code (pdf, 514 KB) sets out our policies and strategies in relation to fraud and corruption. It includes our approach to issues including bribery and money laundering.

Updated: 05 February 2024

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