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Richmond Inter Faith Forum

Richmond Inter Faith Forum is a platform for local people from different belief groups to meet up and discuss issues of mutual interest. The aim of these discussions is to make recommendations to local agencies, based on equality and inclusion.

The Forum encourages respect towards others and a focus on mutual understanding and action. The Forum is not a platform for theological debates, extremist views, or for undermining any religion or belief.

Our aims

  • Develop a broad and inclusive network of faith and belief groups from the borough and neighbouring boroughs
  • Create an open space for Richmond Council and faith and belief groups to have free dialogue and communication, and to conduct business on relevant faith and belief matters
  • Create a forum for sharing information, resources and good practice, particularly in relation to identifying and meeting the needs of faith communities
  • Actively engage and influence Richmond Council’s policy agendas through input on service planning, development and evaluation of delivery
  • Feed into other partnerships, forums and service delivery decision making, and make recommendations for action by relevant bodies
  • Discuss any tensions/incidents/disputes arising in the borough, to make strategic interventions, if necessary and to work on resolution
  • Promote mutual understanding and celebration of cultural and religious diversity in the community
  • Contribute to Richmond Council’s Community Cohesion work

Join the Forum

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Updated: 06 October 2022

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