Some websites store small pieces of data on your computer or other device to make it easier for you to use their services. These pieces of information are called cookies.

This page tells you more about cookies, how we use them on our website and how you can manage them if you choose.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information which is sent to your computer or other device when you visit a website for the first time. This information allows the website to recognise your computer or device if you visit the site again.

How do cookies work?

When you visit a site which uses cookies for the first time, a cookie will be stored on your computer or device.

The next time you visit that site your device will send the cookie back to the site along with the information it contains. This information allows the site to recognise you and what you were doing during your last visit.

This can be useful for things such as seeing how many people visit a website, or for saving items to a shopping cart or displaying a quick checkout option when shopping online.

Are cookies harmful?

Cookies only ever contain text and so are generally safe. They are not programs so they can not contain a virus or anything which will harm your computer.

They can not collect information from your computer and can normally only be read by the website which creates them.

How we use cookies

We use a small number of cookies to help make our website easier to use.

We never use cookies to collect any personal information which we can use to identify you.

Cookies set by this website

These cookies are required to make our website work the way it is intended.

Set by the
Name Function How long it remains
.RICHMONDACCOUNT Used to tell the website if a browser is logged into a Richmond Account. The life of the cookie depends on whether the 'keep me signed in' option has been selected. End of browsing session or 1 year
ASP.NET_SessionId Used to identify unique browser sessions between page loads. Set by both and End of browsing session
ASPXAuth Used to tell if a browser is logged into the careers website End of browsing session
Chkcc Used to check if a browser accepts cookies. End of browsing session
JESSIONID Like ASP.NET_SessionId. Used to identify unique browser sessions  when viewing online planning applications and comments End of browsing session

Cookies set by

Some of our online forms are hosted on a domain provided by Firmstep. Firmstep sets some cookies that are used to enable the forms to function correctly.

Cookies set by Siteimprove Web Analytics

We use a web analytics package from SiteImprove. Siteimprove set some cookies that allow us to collect useful information about how our website is used and enables us to make our website better.

How to block or delete cookies

There are settings in your web browser which will allow you to do this. The Help function in your browser should tell you how.

If you use your mobile phone or other device to browse the web, details of how to manage cookies should be in the handbook.

You can also visit Aboutcookies for more information about how to block or delete cookies on your computer.

You should be aware that some websites may not run smoothly if you decide to block or delete cookies and some may not function at all.

Your online choices is a helpful website which tells you more about advertising cookies and how to manage your online privacy.

Contact the ICT Web Team

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the ICT Web Team.


Updated: 05 February 2018

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