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Police and other agencies request for personal information

Under GDPR and the Data Protection Act, 2018, some organisations and individuals can make requests for information to the Council about individual data subjects, where the request relates to formal investigations, civil proceedings or law enforcement.

To help with that process we have two Data Request Disclosure Forms:

Each request will be assessed after a careful consideration of all the information that is provided by the requester, the necessity of the request and the information that is held by the Council.

A decision is to disclose the information will be based on what necessary, relevant and proportionate data can be disclosed in compliance with the law, considering public interest tests and the risk of harm to individuals or investigations. In some circumstances, the Council may refuse to disclose all or certain parts of the information requested. When it does so it will explain the reasons for its decision.

The Council recognises that the investigative capability of the police can be hampered if information is not forthcoming when it is legitimately needed for an active investigation. When you return the form please tell us if that would be the case.

If you wish to make a request about an individual data subject please complete the appropriate Form and return it to with the subject line 'Disclosure Form'.

Updated: 03 December 2020

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