Local Implementation Plan

The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is a local and borough wide programme of measures and schemes to improve the provision of transport to everyone who lives and works in the borough. It is required by the 1999 Greater London Authority Act to show how the borough will implement the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

View the Second Local Implementation Plan(pdf, 2814KB) (2011-2014)

View the first Local Implementation Plan (2007-2010)

About the Local Implementation Plan

It has been developed as a consultation document and to serve three key purposes:

  • To set out the Council's thinking in regards to transport priorities, policies and programmes.
  • To demonstrate how Richmond upon Thames will help achieve the objectives in the Mayor's Transport Strategy.
  • To outline the borough's own transport objectives and a broad programme of investment covering the period 2011 to 2014 and beyond reflecting the timeframe of the Mayor's Transport Strategy (i.e. to 2031).

What does the plan cover?

LIP2 outlines how we will implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy. The LIP2 covers the same period as the revised Mayors Transport Strategy (up to 20 years) and includes delivery proposals for the period 2011-14.

The LIP2 is also informed by the South London Sub-Regional Transport Plan. It is also in line with our Community Strategy and other relevant policy documents.

LIP2 is also a very important tool which will enable us to strengthen our role in shaping the identity of the borough and supporting the priorities of the community.

Strategic Environmental Assessments

A Strategic Environmental Assessment has to be produced for some plans and programmes likely to have an impact on the environment (European Union Directive 2001/42/EC). LIP2 is an example of such a plan.

Our objectives are:

  • A high level of environmental protection
  • The integration of environmental concerns into plans / programmes
  • The promotion of sustainable development.

View the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report(pdf, 1303KB)

This report is built on the SEA Scoping Report produced by the Council in February 2011.

Updated: 6 November 2014