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Celebrating trees this National Tree Week

27 November 2023

Richmond is home to vast green spaces and beautiful acres of woodland. This National Tree Week, we’re celebrating the immense benefits of our trees, the start of this year’s tree planting season, and the launch of our revamped tree management policy.

Did you know that we are responsible for over 25,500 trees, 107 hectares of woodland and 12.5 kilometres of wooded towpath? In the last four years, we have planted more than 2,000 trees, with an average of 700 planted each year from November to March. 

This planting season our aim is to work closely in partnership with local groups to plant approximately 800 trees within our highways, parks and open spaces. These will replace trees that have historically been removed and add trees in 300 new locations. 

Our planting work will focus in particular on:

  • Increasing shade for play areas in our parks and open spaces
  • Enhancing natural habitats for our local wildlife within conservation sites, including planting key tree species such as Resista elm trees that support rare species like the white-letter hairstreak butterfly
  • Continued planting of the endangered Native Black Poplar, which will include planting genetic clones of rare and unique specimens predominantly located on the Barnes riverside. This is being done in accordance with the aims of our Native Black Poplar Species Action Plan, which is part of Richmond’s Biodiversity Action Plan 

Our trees offer many crucial benefits to our communities and our environment, such as:

  • Improving air quality
  • Absorbing carbon
  • Providing shade that reduces temperatures during extreme heat
  • Creating natural habitats that support local wildlife
  • Enhancing our physical and mental wellbeing through a connection to nature 
  • Making welcoming areas within our town centres that make people want to come and stay for longer, using local shops and restaurants

Our responsibility is to protect our trees against the effects of a changing climate, such as extreme heat and weather, and to do everything we can to enhance their benefits.

Tree management

Our Tree Management team is made up of specialist arboriculturists and technical support officers, who work hard to make sure our trees are looked after. 

We have recently launched our refreshed Tree Management Policy, in which you can find out more detail about the vast work that takes place to care for, protect and enhance the many trees in our borough. 

Discover more about our trees

National Tree Week is a great time for us all to celebrate what our trees offer to Richmond, to learn more about our trees and their benefits, and to get outside and enjoy our beautiful green spaces. Check out the following links about how we manage and protect our trees:

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Updated: 27 November 2023

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