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Consent, do you get it? Sexual Health Week 2021

Date: 14 September 2021
Author: John Dugdale
Title: Operations Manager, Spectra London

This week we’re supporting Sexual Health Week, which runs from September 13 to 19, 2021.

This week serves to highlight the importance we should place on our sexual health, as we would any other area of our health, in term of regular checkups, testing for HIV & STI’s and awareness around issues for healthy relationships, of which one is this year’s theme, consent

Learning about consent can be truly transformative, especially for young people. Equipping individuals to enjoy safe relationships, means also helping improve the culture within your environment and ultimately wider society.

Within a school setting, addressing consent in the classroom is not always straightforward, particularly when it comes to engaging boys and young men. How do you acknowledge violence against women and girls without painting all boys as perpetrators? How do you challenge negative behaviours without reinforcing gender norms and alienating those who need to hear the message the most?

Brook will be holding a webinar to explore ways RSE (Relationship & Sex Education) can be used to positively empower boys and young men to take ownership of consent.

A great tool to explain consent can be found in this video, entitled "Cup of Tea" which encourages the viewer to think of consent, in the context of a sex, in terms making a cup of tea for someone.

In addition to our work with our LGBTQI+ youth groups during this week, our outreach activities, including regular HIV Testing, signposting for STI checks, education around PrEP and PeP, we will be highlighting consent, ensuring people are aware of their choice to say No, and that once given consent can be retracted, nor is it implied as a one off

To see where our sessions will be, check out our calendar and find more details on the services Spectra can offer.

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Updated: 21 March 2022