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Community BlueScapes - Working with local people

The Defra funding for the project is specific to the Beverley Brook Catchment.

Where we are working

We are focusing our efforts on the Beverley Brook Catchment from Richmond Park to north Barnes in Richmond and Roehampton in Wandsworth.

This has allowed us to extend our work into Wandsworth. Flooding in Roehampton has a significant impact on the Beverley Brook and the surrounding area downstream in Richmond. The work in Wandsworth is in partnership with the London Borough of Wandsworth.

If you’re someone who lives in one of these areas you can get involved. We will go where the evidence takes us and use the funding to improve flood resilience.

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What we are going to do

We haven’t decided the solutions to all the challenges we’ve seen, although we have some ideas. And we know there are more challenges that we don’t see. We want to work with local people to find out what the challenges are and develop solutions together. We want to inspire innovations and unconventional approaches. We will base our solutions on evidence, local knowledge and experience.  

You can read more about how we are going to work together and browse our latest events and updates.

Updated: 28 March 2024

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