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Guidance for the noticeboards

Notices may be accepted for display on the 16 village community notice boards by the Borough’s Libraries on condition that:

  • They adhere to the Council’s Equality and Diversity policies and do not infringe anti-discrimination legislation.
  • The material does not constitute political advertising except as determined by the regulations governing a statutory election when it will be subject to the conditions stipulated in the Council’s Electoral Policy.
  • The material is of a non-commercial nature (except for events or advertising sponsored by the Council or its approved agencies)
  • The material is not business-related, nor does it seek to increase business profits or recruit employees.
  • The material does not directly promote a religious cause – speakers or sales of work in religious venues should be considered as community events.
  • The activities or events take place at a public venue not in a person’s home.
  • The material is not likely to cause offence to public taste and decency.
  • The material is to an acceptable standard of production in portrait A3 size for the larger boards and in A4 size for the smaller boards.
  • The materials must include contact details and make clear who has published the information.
  • Prospective advertisers accept that:
    • The material is displayed on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • The material must be delivered to the library service a minimum of two weeks before display is required.
    • Lack of available space may preclude the display of posters which otherwise meet the acceptance criteria.
    • The Library Service will not hold or store items for future display due to the lack of available storage space and that such materials will be discarded.
    • The material will be affixed to community notice boards by staff authorised by the library service.
    • Unauthorised material will be removed and destroyed.
    • Notices displayed will be monitored and strictly time-limited to ensure the maximum turnover of display materials.
    • Items will be displayed under the hierarchy of priorities stated in the Display Priorities below.
  • Preference in order will be given to materials submitted by:
    • Council services.
    • Voluntary organisations and services (and community groups).
    • Non-council statutory organisations and services.
    • Commercial organisations and services.

Updated: 12 April 2021

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