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eSlot provides a completely FREE suite of business services that can be set up in under 2 minutes, without the need of a website or app downloads. eSlot consists of two core functions to aid economic recovery: 1. Free 'Test and Trace' assistance 2. Free Booking, Queuing and Ticketing. These can be enabled separately or in tandem. Businesses can take payments, require a COVID-19 disclaimer, ask pre-qualifying questions and upload menus or price lists



Twitter: @eSlotUK


Telephone:07904 192763

  • eSlot launches new 'Test & Trace' Assistance

    eSlot launches new 'Test & Trace' Assistance. The free eSlot service (launched by a Kingston resident) has now released 'Test & Trace Assistance'; a completely free tool for all small businesses, designed to aid their recovery and reduce the chance of virus transmission. The service can be used with or without a website, and encourages customers to 'shop local'.It takes 2 minutes to register and a notice is downloaded with a QR code and web link for customers to record Test & Trace details on their mobile phone. Using this service supports NHS efforts to combat the virus, reduces the chance of a local lockdown, and keeps Richmond open for business!Try it now here:

    Added: 14 months ago Valid until: 18/12/2021

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