Healing Touch Acupuncture

Healing Touch Acupuncture aims to return you to Health, Vitality and Balanced Body effectively with various natural therapies according to TCM philosophy. For adult: Depend on your conditions (Pain, Digestive problems, Mental-emotional issues, etc) treatment will be include: Acupuncture treatment GUA SHA therapy TUI NA massage therapy CUPPING treatment MOXA therapy For children: will be treated with specific paediatric methods in conditions such as: Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Colic pain, Sleeping problem, Picky eater, Eating disorder, Bed wetting, Less concentration, Learning difficulty, Teens' anxiety / depression Self -harm Booking details: online : or call at 07830676274 Twickenham practice location: 96 Heath Road TW1 4BW Looking forward to meeting you! Angelina 🙏


96 Heath Road





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    HTA offer acupuncture and other natural therapies effectively to help people with conditions such as: Adults: Acute Pain, Digestive problems, Anxiety / Depression Children : (0-16) picky eater, eating disorder, diarrhoea, vomiting, colic pain, broken sleep, bed-wetting, learning difficulty, less concentration, anxiety, ADHD... Booking at 07830676274 Practice location: 96 Heath Road, TW1 4BW

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