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Q Design House is a full service interior and architectural design firm based in Richmond, UK, operating globally. We offer luxury bespoke solutions to meet your design needs. Our ethos is a commitment to ensuring our clients, both residential and commercial, feel at ease in the world of design.


34A Jocelyn Road


Website: www.qdesignhouse.com

Email: exec@qdesignhouse.com

  • Free Interior Design Advice (expired)

    One-off FREE consultation to answer any questions you have about home renovations and interior design. Perhaps some of you are thinking about using this time to start on your home renovation projects that you now have some time to focus on. If you would like to ask anything about building works, interior design, kitchen & bathroom designs, joinery, furniture sourcing, soft-furnishings, window treatments, etc. we will set up time to remotely answer anything and everything. Please get in touch directly if we can give you some free advice on any project or if you are interested in kicking off a full design project at exec@qdesignhouse.com or call us at +44 (0)208 251 8813.

    Added: 3 months ago Valid until: 31/05/2020

  • FREE Interior Design Services (expired)

    Perhaps some of you are thinking of using this time at home to complete your home renovation and interior design projects but need some help along the way. We are offering a complete detailed design service, which is fully redeemable when you procure the goods and services to install your design. For a fee of £650 ex.VAT per room, your detailed design will work from an agreed concept to outline furniture layouts, specify all furniture and accessories, finishes, joinery elevations etc to complete the design, including all bespoke elements and sourcing of all items. All design work can be done remotely using floor plans and photos. On procurement and installation of all goods and services, over £4000 ex.VAT per room, we will refund the design fee. We benefit from significant trade discounts compared to the retail market. This means that overall you will get much more for your budget as well as free interior design advice throughout. Please get in touch at exec@qdesignhouse.com or call us at 0208 251 8813 to discuss your project.

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  • Free Interior & Architectural Design Consultation with Q Design House

    Site visit at your home or commercial property to see interior and architectural design work required- Discuss your design style ambitions and budget- Free quote provided based on the spec, design style and work required

    Added: 3 months ago Valid until: 30/09/2020

  • Free Home Sales Styling Consultation with Q Design House

    Free site visit to assess the property- Discuss your sales goals and the benefits of property styling for sales - Free quote to style and dress your property for sales or rental purposes

    Added: 3 months ago Valid until: 30/09/2020

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Updated: 13 Apr 2017