The rewards of being a governor

Governors can get a great deal from the work and time they put in, including meeting new people and gaining new skills.

Their role gives them a chance to:

  • Make a difference to how well the school runs.
  • See how their efforts help raise standards.
  • Do something positive for the next generation.
  • Serve the local community.
  • Help realise their own potential by learning new skills.

Schools are part of the community they serve and can provide a focal point for improving life chances for adults too.

Everyone has something to offer their local school. Governors find that they gain a lot too, from meeting new people to gaining new skills. Most importantly the knowledge that you are helping to improve educational standards for children and young people in your area.

Many employers encourage staff to become school governors. They acknowledge that the skills gained from being a governor are developmental and transferable to the workplace.

Updated: 14 February 2018