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What we can offer teachers in the borough

Our schools workforce enjoy working in a small borough where communication is easy and professionally supportive relationships are quickly developed.

Learning is a way of life

Enthusiastic teachers, good facilities and resources, the committed support of members, parents and governors and Achieving for Children all ensure that every pupil has a sense of joy in learning, and a pride in personal achievements.

The London Borough of Richmond and Achieving for Children welcomes, supports and adds value to the growing diversity of the whole community and is committed to celebrating the cultural needs of those who live and work in the borough. There is a strong emphasis on the educational attainment of ethnic minority pupils.

  • Pupils are entitled to a high quality learning experience
  • All involved in education continually challenge standards and expectations
  • High standards are expected from you and you will be rewarded
  • Building a community where pupils are at the heart of learning

What can we offer you?

  • Enthusiastic teachers, good facilities and resources
  • Committed support of members, parents and governors
  • Sense of joy of learning and a pride in personal achievements
  • Professionally supportive relationships are quickly developed

What schools do we have?

  • 43 primary schools and nine secondary schools
  • Two special schools

What professional development opportunities are available?

  • Induction for newly qualified staff
  • Leadership support and advice
  • Career support and progression at all stages of your career

Updated: 22 September 2020

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