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Community Trigger process timeline

Once a request for an ASB Case Review is received by the Community Safety Manager (the Point of Contact), the following process will be undertaken:

  1. Acknowledgement letter sent to victim or person on their behalf (consent is required for a third party report) within 2 working days of receipt.
  2. Relevant agencies/departments informed of the request and asked to provide all relevant information within 14 working days from receipt of request.
  3. Consideration of the Request and whether it meets the Threshold. The applicant is advised of the decision within 21 working days of its receipt of the request.
    • If Threshold is met - Application proceeds to an ASB Case Review proceeds to Step 5
    • If Threshold is not met - Decision letter/email will, if appropriate, signposted any other agency for potential further contact
  4. The Point of Contact identifies an appropriate Panel Chair with supporting officer.
  5. Panel meeting comprising representatives of the relevant bodies be convened within 28 working days of receipt of the Request. Summary report to be circulated to panel members 2 working days before meeting.
  6. Review panel meets to considers the request - outcomes and recommendations are agreed. The victim is invited to present at panel unless exceptional circumstances prevents this and/or the chair decides it is inappropriate. Where the Chair decides not to invite the victim the reasons for so deciding will be communicated to him/her in writing by the chair 2 working days before the panel hearing)
  7. Report from panel chair sent to relevant bodies and victim within 7 working days of the meeting.

Updated: 08 March 2021