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Youth Integrated Offender Management

The vision of Integrated Offender Management for youth in Richmond is to reduce offending behaviour in identified young people through alignment with wider Integrated Offender Management and joined up partnership approach, providing additional and appropriate interventions that enable desistance.

Youth Integrated Offender Management principles

Our Integrated Offender Management (IOM) approach is underpinned by the following national and local principles of working:

  • A partnership approach in tackling offenders together;
  • Delivering a local response to local problems - all relevant local partners are involved in strategic planning, decision-making and funding choices
  • Offenders facing their responsibility or facing the consequences - offenders are provided with a clear understanding of what is expected of them
  • Protecting victims and the public is paramount
  • Making better use of existing programmes and governance tools for all offenders at high risk of causing serious harm and/or re-offending
  • Safeguard young people involved in offending and support them to achieve better outcomes
  • Achieving sustainable desistance from crime

Our objectives

The IOM partnership is working together to reduce the risk of reoffending and level of harm of the IOM youth individuals through a differentiated intervention approach and coordinated multi-agency and risk-based approach and effective information sharing.

The key objectives for the partnership are:

  • Ensure effective partnership monitoring oversight of those young people on alternatives to custody program (ISS) and young people coming out of custody into the community to mitigate against risk and re-offending
  • Provide clear pathways out of offending by providing effective and additional IOM interventions/resources; making the journey of youth IOM offenders different to that of mainstream offenders within the youth justice system; be proactive through intelligence gathering of lifestyles to enable selection and deselection of all IOM youth nominals whilst detecting/preventing offending;
  • Agree appropriate interventions to address the identified need/risk and ensure all relevant agencies have delivered the agreed interventions for each IOM case
  • Identify and resolve blockages to rehabilitation pathways for IOM young offenders; and where this is not possible, escalate internally within respective agencies and to the IOM Strategic Group
  • Implement effective menu of IOM interventions, commission bespoke interventions where this is required and agree additional resources from devolved IOM budget and partnership resources to facilitate rehabilitation of IOM young offenders to achieve desistance and positive outcomes
  • Ensure there is a coordinated collaborative approach to risk/vulnerabilities management with a clear interface other risk/vulnerability panels operating in the borough.

Panel meetings

Monthly meetings are held between YOS and Police to ensure regular information sharing and intelligence gathering to inform risk management plans and future referrals to IOM.

The core panel will consist of senior officers from the following agencies:

  • Youth Justice Team, Police - YOS Police and Police supervisor,
  • Youth Justice case officer Children Social Care – Leaving Care Unit 
  • Anti-Social Behaviour, Housing, Family support (11 to 19 years old)
  • YOS Case Workers
  • AFC Health and Wellbeing Team representative.

Updated: 28 November 2019

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