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To be truly resilient against emergencies, businesses need to plan and prepare in much greater detail, and should have a business continuity plan.

About the business continuity planning

Business continuity planning is a process of identifying and evaluating the risks to your business and then planning to enable the business to continue operating (and to recover effectively afterwards) if the worst happens. 

A common misconception is that business continuity management (BCM) merely encompasses backup and recovery plans, and that external consultants are needed to do this. Provided you know your business environment, it can in fact be inexpensive and relatively easy to implement.

According to AXA research, three quarters of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are risking it all through lack of survival planning. One third admits to relying on luck to make important business decisions. Despite recent high-profile threats to business hitting the news, from terrorist attacks, extreme weather, fuel shortages, fires and trade disputes, research has found that the UK’s SMEs are gambling on their futures.   

The Mayor of London preparing your business pages provide wealth of business continuity resources, including protect your business guidance and a 10-minute business continuity self assessment. 

Further resources include:

Updated: 13 February 2023

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