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Air quality monitoring and data

See the air quality results for today.

These results are for the continuous monitoring in the borough. We currently have two static sites, a background and a roadside site in Barnes. Unfortunately our mobile unit was stolen in August 2020 and we are looking to replace it.

The most recent annual bias-adjusted results for the 64 diffusion tubes which record nitrogen dioxide (NO2) across the borough can be viewed in Stratmap.

Below are the provisional quarterly air quality results for 2020 for our borough NO2 diffusion tubes. Please note these are provisional results and will be biased adjusted for further accuracy following ratification in 2021.

Please note full bias adjusted results for 2020 will be available from June 2021 in our 2021 Annual Status Report.

Historical data from the continuous analysers can be found below.

Increasingly it is thought that high levels of air pollution are detrimental to health, especially for susceptible members of the community, such as the elderly, children, asthmatics and individuals with bronchitis. It is important to us that we ensure pollution levels are regularly checked.

We monitor local air quality using both continuous analysers and diffusion tubes.

Diffusion tubes

Diffusion tubes, which are located at a number of sites throughout the borough and monitor nitrogen dioxide, benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The diffusion tube results can be viewed on the following pages:

Continuous analysers

Monitoring of air quality in the Borough takes place 24 hours a day. Currently the section has one mobile monitoring unit and two static units. One is located in Castelnau outside the Public Library and the other is at the Wetlands site. The mobile unit is moved around the Borough to different locations.

Continuous Monitoring of the following pollutants is carried out:

  • Nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • Ozone O3
  • Carbon Monoxide CO
  • Particulates PM10's

View the latest air quality results.

Historical Monitoring

The following list gives the results for our mobile air quality units dating back to 1998.

Updated: 28 July 2021