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Submit an event notification

To notify us about events in the borough, you must submit an event notification. This is only required if you have not applied for a park or street event.

We consider applications for all types of events (fetes, music concerts, sporting events, firework displays and more), from all sections of the community.

For larger and more 'risky' events, the event organiser's event management plan will be shared with relevant Council services involved in the event and with members of the Safety Advisory Group.

Organisers of large events and some medium events may be required to present to the Safety Advisory Group.

Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Safety Advisory Group is a multi-agency forum that provides specialist independent advice to event organisers to promote high levels of safety and welfare at events. 

SAG reviews event proposals from a risk and public protection perspective, through a consistent and coordinated multi-agency process to enhance public safety.

It aims to bring all relevant partners and agencies together to review event plans and manage risk in a coordinated way. It provides clarity of roles and responsibilities while facilitating an open discussion among key stakeholders, ultimately providing advice to event organisers on their event safety.

The SAG is chaired by the Head of Emergency Planning, to ensure the responsibilities of the group are addressed fairly, effectively, efficiently and proportionately.

Before you apply

You will need to complete an application form and supporting information to enable us to complete a risk review process.

Make sure you can provide the following details:

  • Event name
  • Location with full address
  • Start and end date
  • Contact details
  • Attendance numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Event description

For some larger scale events, an Event Management Plan, Risk Assessment and Medical Plan may be required.


Some events will require licences, for which a fee is required. If you are intending to sell alcohol, provide entertainment or serve hot food, to name a few activities, you will need a Temporary Event Notice. If you need to close a road or pavement for your activity you will need a Road/Pavement Licence.


Ensure your proposal is achievable within our deadlines. These revolve around the SAG meeting process. Depending on the risk profile of the event, a SAG meeting may be held to provide action or advice by SAG partners.

Our timelines are listed below:

Event application deadlines
Scale of event (daily attendance) Deadline (prior to event period)
Small - up to 499 people 7 weeks
Medium - 500 to 4,999 people 7 weeks
Large - 5,000 to 9,999 people 7 weeks
Major - 10,000 daily attendance 7 weeks


If you are late in notifying us

If the SAG is notified of an event less than 4 weeks before it is due to take place you will receive a statement that says it was too late to review your documentation. The SAG will advise against the event taking place, and a notification will be sent to SAG members for awareness, due to the event notification being too late for documentation to be reviewed.

Submit a notification

You must notify us of your event via our online form.

All events will be assessed on the details given in the application form, so it is important that this contains as much relevant information as possible. We will help guide you through this process and may ask for additional information if required.

Submit an event notification

Updated: 10 February 2023

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