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Applications for the 2021 Fuel Grant Scheme have now closed.

What happens next

A letter notifying you of the outcome of your application will be sent to you after the closing date (Friday 2 April 2021). If successful, the money will be credited directly to your electricity or gas account. No cash alternative is available.

How it works

Richmond residents can apply to get up to £85 towards their annual energy bill through the Council’s Fuel Grant Scheme. Applications closed on Friday 2 April 2021.

The Fuel Grant Scheme only has a limited amount of money to pay for these grants, so applications will be assessed depending on individual circumstances.

All applications will be processed after the closing date. We are unable to notify successful applicants until after the closing date.

Who is eligible

This scheme is open to anyone on a low-income including pensioners.

You are still eligible if you receive help with your fuel costs from anywhere else, including new COVID-19 funds.

Proof required

To support your application you must provide evidence of the following:

  • Proof of any state benefits or pensions received, such as copies of bank/post office statements or DWP award letters
  • A copy of your most recent Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction decision notice if you are entitled to either
  • A copy of a letter, bill or statement from your energy supplier showing your account number

Contact us

If you have any further questions about the scheme please contact our Customer Service Team:

Telephone: 020 8891 1411

Updated: 26 April 2021