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Dropped kerb enforcement

The Traffic Management Act 2004 enables Richmond Council to take enforcement action against motorists for parking in front of dropped footways. The aim of the legislation is to improve access for pedestrians and offer help to residents and businesses blighted by access difficulties.

About the Traffic Management Act 2004

The Traffic Management Act 2004 section 86 is clear that the vehicle must not park adjacent to the section that has been lowered (or raised) to meet the level of the carriageway.

Please note that the sloping areas on either side of a crossover do not form part of the crossover. The vehicle must be parked either in front of the dropped footway where it meets the level of the carriageway or overhanging this section of the dropped kerb. 

Request enforcement

Residents and businesses will need to contact the Parking Enforcement Team to report a vehicle blocking their single use dropped footway.

Contact the Parking Enforcement Team on:

  • Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 7pm, and Sunday, Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas Day) from 9am to 7pm - 020 8744 0462
  • Out of hours (every day and Bank Holidays, excluding Christmas Day), from 7pm to 10.30pm on 0773 3308 600

Dropped kerbs with single property access

Where a crossover has been installed to allow vehicular access to a single property the resident may park adjacent to their dropped kerb and may also give permission for others to park adjacent to their dropped kerb provided that there are no other restrictions in force such as yellow lines or zig zag markings and it is safe to park at the location.

Where a vehicle is parked adjacent to a drop kerb that serves a single property either on or off the footway without the consent of the resident a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued if we receive a complaint from the resident that the vehicle does not have their permission to be there.

Dropped kerbs with access to more than one property

Where a drop kerb serves two or more properties, residents are not permitted to park adjacent to the dropped kerb. Equally residents cannot give permission for others to park adjacent to the dropped kerb. As such, vehicles parked adjacent to a dropped kerb which serves two or more properties, may be issued with a PCN without a complaint having been made.

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Updated: 23 May 2022

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