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Old Deer Park

Old Palace Lane, Richmond, TW9 1PQ Map

Old Deer Park is one of the Council's most important sites for sport and community events. 

About the park

The site was originally connected to Richmond Palace, deriving its name from the hunting park created by James I in 1604. The present area is only a small part of the former Deer Park, but it still belongs to the Crown and is leased to the Council. 

There are a number of facilities including a junior and infant play area with a wheelchair accessible roundabout and spinner bowl, tennis courts and Adizone outdoor gym. Sports pitches are maintained throughout the year and the park plays host to many events.

Visiting the park

Old Deer Park is accessible at all times. There is a footbridge that connects Old Deer Park to the towpath and the Pools on the Park swimming complex is nearby. 

The nearest station is Richmond, and the area is served by bus route 490.

Public Space Protection Orders and byelaws

All council-managed parks and open spaces are covered by Public Space Protection Orders and formal byelaws, to help us reduce antisocial behaviour and breaches of dog control orders.