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Terrace Walk and Field

Nightingale Lane, Richmond, TW10 6UZ Map

The Terrace Field, next to Terrace Gardens, is a steep meadow with delightful views of the river.

About the park

From the gravel walk at the summit of Richmond Hill, many local landmarks can be viewed through a telescope situated near the boundary hedge. On a clear day you can see Windsor Castle, and a viewing panel is also provided showing other key landmarks of interest.

The fields are cut for hay in the late summer to allow the Six Spot Burnet Moth to complete its breeding cycle.

Visiting the park

Terrace Walk & Fields is accessible at all times. Richmond station is nearby, as are bus routes 65 and 371.

Public Space Protection Orders and byelaws

All council-managed parks and open spaces are covered by Public Space Protection Orders and formal byelaws, to help us reduce antisocial behaviour and breaches of dog control orders.

Updated: 13 July 2022