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Borough-wide urban design and tall buildings

Understanding the character of the borough is an important part of the evidence base for the Local Plan.

Urban Design Study 2021

The Council has commissioned Arup to undertake an Urban Design Study to inform the new Local Plan. This will provide a borough-wide townscape assessment, alongside considering the borough’s capacity for change. Note this is a high level study and is not as finely grained an approach as set out in the existing Village Plan SPDs as described below.

A public consultation to inform the Urban Design Study is underway from 17 May to 6 June 2021. This is an opportunity to comment on what is special about certain areas/places in the borough, and why.

The Urban Design Study is expected to be published later this year.

Village Planning Guidance SPDs 2013 to 2018

A series of Village Planning Guidance Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) were produced from 2013 to 2018, prepared through the statutory consultation processes and adopted by the Council. The borough was divided into a series of smaller village areas - each village area was subdivided into Conservation Areas and Character Areas. For the Character Areas the context, character and local features were analysed and assessed. These are available on the Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance page. In addition, there is context relating to character in the adopted Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Plan 2018 to 2033 and Twickenham Area Action Plan (2013).

Borough-wide Sustainable Urban Development Study 2008

A research project has been carried out by consultants into high density development and tall buildings to identify areas of the Borough that are unsuitable, sensitive or have the potential for such type of development.

The study findings conclude that large parts of the Borough are unsuitable or sensitive to large scale development due to factors including restrictive planning designations, special local character and levels of public transport accessibility. Careful consideration will therefore be required for any proposals that come forward and taller buildings will often be inappropriate, although every proposal must be assessed on its individual merits.

The study applies a local density matrix and sets out design guidance for each of the Borough’s settlement areas.

It suggests that parts of the Borough’s five town centres are the most appropriate areas for higher density development and taller buildings. Generally only Richmond and Twickenham would be suitable for tall buildings (defined as six or more storeys), located close to the town centre railway stations.

The Study

The Study has been divided into smaller sections to assist in downloading as follows:



Updated: 21 June 2021