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Details of commissioned financial viability assessments and research

Whole Plan Viability Assessment 2016

The Council commissioned Adams Integra to undertake a Whole Plan Viability Assessment in respect of the Local Plan, to assess the cumulative assessment of all of the emerging plan policies, proposals and requirements.

The draft report (pdf, 257 KB), which includes an Executive Summary, and appendices (pdf, 906 KB) are available.

An addendum report (pdf, 1.3 MB) (August 2017) has been produced. This is regarding affordable housing to update some of the viability scenarios on large sites, to inform the Local Plan Examination.

Previous Financial Viability Assessment

The Council commissioned research into how the policy approach in the Core Strategy Preferred Options, particularly in relation to employment policy and affordable housing, was likely to affect the financial viability of development proposals in the borough. The following report by Chris Marsh and Co. Ltd. sets out the results of this research.

A study into the viability of development proposals on small sites was commissioned to understand the potential impact of off-site contributions towards affordable housing. The principle was established in the Core Strategy, with more detail set out in the Development Management DPD. The following report by Chris Marsh and Co. Ltd (Sustainable Property Consultants) sets out the results of the study.

Updated: 21 June 2021