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The Flood Risk Regulations 2009 implement the requirements of the European Floods Directive, which aims to provide a consistent approach to managing flood risk across Europe. The approach consists of a six year cycle of planning based on a four stage process. Stage one of this process involves undertaking a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA).

The PFRA is a stock take of risk from flooding for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and is a coarse assessment for identifying potential local sources of flood risk. By looking back at past events simple models are created and used to identify sites that are at potential flood risk. It evaluates flood risk from surface water (local rain), rivers and ground water. The PFRA has been compiled using readily available information from a number of sources. These include the Environment Agency’s national datasets and existing local products, such as the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

Download the Richmond Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (pdf, 5.3 MB).

The preliminary flood risk assessment (PFRA) and flood risk areas (FRAs) for London Borough of Richmond upon Thames were reviewed during 2017, and there is no change to the assessment of risk following the review.

Updated: 01 July 2021

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