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European Pension forms

If you are entitled to claim a European Pension, you may be required to complete an annual ‘confirmation of life statement.'


There is no longer a charge for this service, as of September 2020.

Where to come

Forms can be brought to the Civic Centre in Twickenham where one of our receptionists will be able to check and stamp them for you.

What to bring

Please bring your forms with the personal details already completed. 

In addition:

  • You must bring a Passport/National ID Card or Driving licence Card and proof of address.
  • If your form requires confirmation that you are married or in a civil partnership, you must bring an original copy of the marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • A death certificate needs to be presented if there is reference to the death of a spouse on the form


You must attend on your own unless the form requires confirmation that your spouse is still living, in which case, you must attend together.

Updated: 01 June 2022

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