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Insurance claims

Information on who to contact in the event of a highways insurance claim.

Make a claim to the Council

If you are looking to make a claim as you have incurred any injury, damage, or loss that you allege is the result of the Council's negligence, you may be able to pursue a liability claim.

You must be able to prove the Council are at fault for any claim to be successful because under our Public Liability Insurance policy there is no automatic right to compensation.

Highways claimant not represented by a solicitor

If you have suffered a personal injury or damage to property, vehicles, or possessions whilst using the public highway and believe this to be a result of the Council’s actions or non-action, complete the highway claim form.

We will arrange to inspect the location of the accident following a personal injury claim. Usually we will meet with you (the claimant) on site. We will then submit a report of the accident to the Council’s insurers.

The Council’s insurers will assess whether they believe the Council is liable and make contact with you. Once the claim has been submitted to the insurer, you should address all correspondence directly to them to avoid delay.

Third party solicitor

All qualifying claims should be submitted directly to the Council's appropriate insurer via the Ministry of Justice claims portal.

If your client's incident date was on or after 01/04/2018, please submit your Employers or Public Liability Claim through the portal:

Portal ID: D00019

Insurer: QBE (Claims handled by Gallagher Bassett)

Claims handlers details below:

Gallagher Bassett
Halford House
2 Coval Lane

Policy number: Y123542QBE0118A

In the event that proceedings are to be issued, unless directed otherwise, ensure these are served to:

South London Legal Partnership
7th floor
Merton Civic Centre
London Road

Service will not be accepted by fax or DX. Service by email may be accepted by SLLP by prior agreement. Email

Updated: 31 January 2024

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