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Public toilets

We have many toilets across the Borough as part of the Community Toilet Scheme and in buildings managed by us. We work to ensure that members of the public have access to toilet facilities.

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Toilet facilities

  • We ensure that buildings managed by us have suitable toilets that are accessible to the public during opening hours
  • We encourage and assist those hosting events in the Borough to arrange additional temporary toilet facilities

Please use toilets and do not foul public or private property. There is an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for street urination. Please leave toilets clean after use and inform a member of staff if there is a problem.

Community Toilet Scheme

We operate a Community Toilet Scheme where suitable businesses will allow the public to use their toilets during their opening times. We pay an annual contribution towards the maintenance cost of the organisations that join the scheme.

We meet with interested businesses at their premises to discuss the scheme and provide discrete signs to let the public know they can use the toilets. Please call 080 8891 1411 to make an appointment.

Updated: 16 August 2022

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