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COVID-19: Roads and transport

All non-essential highway works have now either been completed or postponed.  Letters will be sent to residents with revised programme dates once these are known.   

All highway emergencies will continue to be attended and made safe as soon as possible after they are received.  Faults can continue to be reported on line, however, due to staff shortages our normal response  times may be extended.

Highway Maintenance Programme 2021/22

The tables below give details about planned road and footpath improvements to be carried out in the borough.

Carriageway resurfacing work
Street name Area
Stanley Road Fulwell and Hampton Hill
Shacklegate Lane Fulwell and Hampton Hill
Ashley Road Hampton
Church Road South Richmond
Kew Gardens Road Kew
London Road Twickenham
Charles Street Mortlake
Rosemary Lane Mortlake
Cromwell Place Mortlake
St. Leonards Road North Richmond
Evelyn Terrace North Richmond
Ashley Road North Richmond
Cambridge Cottages Kew
Kneller Road Whitton
Winchester Road St Margarets and North Twickenham
Lion Avenue South Twickenham
Kelvin Drive St Margarets and North Twickenham
Grosvenor Avenue East Sheen
Sutherland Grove Teddington
Springfield Road Heathfield
Ham Close Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside
Chillingworth Gardens South Twickenham


Footway improvement works
Street name Area
Kneller Road Whitton
Kew Garden Road Kew
Heathfield North St Margarets and North Twickenham
Heathfield South St Margarets and North Twickenham
Church Road  Kew
Rectory Grove Hampton North
St. Leonards Road North Richmond
Elleray Road Teddington
Collingwood Close Whitton
Cypress Avenue Whitton
Crief Court Hampton Wick
Charles Street Mortlake
Ashley Road North Richmond
Evelyn Terrace North Richmond
Oldfield Road Hampton
Nassau Road Barnes
Cambridge Cottages Kew
Winchester Road St Margarets and North Twickenham
Somerset Road Teddington
Stillingfleet Road Barnes
Portland Terrace South Richmond
Clonmell Road Fulwell and Hampton Hill
Ashley Road Hampton
Rosemary Lane Mortlake
Sheen Lane East Sheen
Sion Road Twickenham and Riverside
Percy Road Hampton
Ellerman Avenue Heathfield
Grosvenor Avenue East Sheen
Cromwell Place Mortlake
Kelvin Place Mortlake
Gainsborough Road Kew
Broad Lane  Hampton North
Observatory Road East Sheen
Powder Mill Lane Heathfield
Townshend Terrace North Richmond
Waverley Avenue Heathfield
Hazel Close Whitton
Maguire Drive Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside
Lisbon Avenue West Twickenham
Spencer Road West Twickenham
Whitton Waye Heathfield
Heathside Heathfield
Montague Road South Richmond
Ashley Drive Heathfield
Argyle Avenue Heathfield
Bridge Way Whitton

Thermal road repairs

This is a new method of repairing the road surface using a thermal heating process to reheat and repair the existing asphalt surface. This repair process has many benefits; it is more environmentally friendly, has a reduced carbon footprint and delivers better value.

The thermal technology allows contractors to heat the existing damaged road material until it is soft enough to be reshaped as a partial filling for the pothole, speeding repair times by up to 40%. By reheating the existing road surface, there will be no need to remove the old material, which greatly reduces the disposal of waste material and the amount of new asphalt material required. In addition, carbon emissions are reduced by removing the need for power tools which use fossil fuels. This also means the new thermal method is quieter and more suitable for repairs in areas of the borough where noise pollution is an issue.

Thermal road repairs timetable
Street name Area Proposed start date
Castelnau Barnes Mid to late-May 2021
Ferry Road Barnes Early May 2021
Madrid Road Barnes Early May 2021
Boileau Road Barnes Early to mid-May 2021


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Updated: 11 October 2022

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