Report an abandoned bicycle

Use this form to report an abandoned bicycle in the borough.

You will need

As much detail as possible, particularly:

  • The bicycle make, model and colour.
  • The exact location of the bicycle.
  • How long the bicycle has been left unmoved at its present location.
  • A general report of the condition of the bicycle.

What happens next

  • Our Street Scene Enforcement Team will inspect suspected abandoned bicycles within 2 working days of receiving the report.
  • If the bicycle is deemed abandoned by our Street Scene Enforcement Officer, we will attach the appropriate notice to it.
  • We will re-inspect a bicycle that we have attached a notice to again once the appropriate time period on the notice has passed, providing it has not been claimed by the owner.
  • We will remove any bicycle which is unclaimed and still present after the time on the notice has passed. The bicycle may be destroyed or kept in secure storage depending on its status.
  • We will remove a bicycle that is burnt out or in a very dangerous condition within 24 hours of our inspection of the bicycle.

Start my report

Short- this form shouldn’t take long to complete.

Updated: 29 November 2017