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Use this form to report an abandoned vehicle in the borough.

Before you start

Please note that just because a vehicle is poorly parked, or is not believed to belong to a resident in the road does not mean it is abandoned.

Vehicles on private land can be inspected providing this is at the request of the person(s) responsible for/owner of the land where the vehicle is situated. There is an administration fee of £104 payable for the removal of any vehicle from private land.

You will need

  • The vehicle registration
  • Make, model, and colour
  • Whether the vehicle is taxed (this can be checked using the DVLA vehicle enquiry tool)
  • The exact location of the vehicle (i.e. nearest house number or junction)

What happens next

Vehicles reported as abandoned will be inspected within five working days of the report being received. If our inspector thinks the vehicle is abandoned a notice will be put on it giving the owner 24 hours or seven days to remove it or claim it. If the vehicle is not claimed, the vehicle will be re-inspected after the time on the notice has passed and can be towed if necessary.

Vehicles in a dangerous or very poor condition may be removed immediately and without prior notice.

Vehicles inspected and not considered abandoned will not normally be considered for re-inspection until they have been unused/unmoved for at least three months from the date of the report.

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Updated: 07 June 2023

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