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This is an index page for the Free Parking Limited Time Order 2008 which lists the free parking, limited time (short stay) bays which existed throughout the borough in July 2008.

The Current Order in force


Amendment 8 [2010/73] made on 19 October 2010(pdf, 189KB)

Amendment 7 [2010/64] made on 29 November 2010(pdf, 119KB)

  • Milton Road, Hampton
  • Oldfield Road, Hampton

Amendment 6 [2010/50] made on 12 July 2010(pdf, 179KB)

Amendment 5 [2010/43] made on 9 August 2010(pdf, 299KB)

Amendment 4 [2010/17] made on 15 March 2010(pdf, 143KB)

Amendment 2 [2010/06] made on 1 February 2010(pdf, 136KB)

Amendment 1 [2008/59] made on 15 September 2008(pdf, 38KB)


This page lists the drawings for limited time parking bays (where available)

Updated: 09 November 2020

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