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This is an index page for the Traffic Management Orders which prescribe one-way streets, short lengths of one one-way streets at road junctions ('one-way plugs' which usually allow vehicular movement from a side road into a main road) or one-way traffic around one or more sides of a traffic island at a road junction in locations throughout the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The orders listed on this page are in respect of one-way streets and one-way plugs affecting motor vehicles. There are no orders on this page which require pedal cycles to proceed in a specified direction when using cycle gaps at points of road closures or along contra-flow cycle lanes.

In some cases, only part of the order is relevant to a one-way street. In other cases, one or more streets are no longer one-way (although there will be other streets in the order which do remain as one-way working).

Part 1 – Orders which affect one street only

Ashley Road, Richmond [1994/43] made on 27 June 1994(pdf, 58KB)

Audley Road, Richmond [1976/457 GLC] made on 26 August 1976 Princes Road to Kings Road(pdf, 34KB)

Back Lane, Ham (also known as Wiggins Lane) [1968/009 GLC] made on 9 January 1968 Ham Street to Woodville Road(pdf, 36KB)

Church Street, Twickenham [1975/625 GLC] made on 5 December 1975 King Street to No 5 Church Street(pdf, 59KB)

Clarence Street, Richmond [SI 1964 No 597] made on 20 April 1964(pdf, 94KB)

Coleshill Road, Teddington [2011/40] made on 10 October 2011 (revokes previous one-way street)(pdf, 76KB)

Colston Road, Barnes [1967/099 GLC] made on 20 April 1967 Penrhyn Crescent to Sheen Lane(pdf, 57KB)

Derby Road, Sheen [1999/59] made on 10 November 1999 – part of Derby Road only(pdf, 103KB)

Fulwell Road, Hampton Hill [1998/39] made on 26 August 1998(pdf, 66KB)

Grosvenor Road, Twickenham [1993/21] made on 13 April 1993(pdf, 56KB)

Grove Road, Richmond [1995/76] made on 4 December 1995 Park Hill to Manning Place(pdf, 52KB)

Ham Common North, Ham [1976/200 GLC] made on 14 April 1976 Petersham Road to Martingales Close(pdf, 33KB)

Holly Place, Twickenham [1988/21] made on 11 July 1988 access to and from Holly Road car park(pdf, 55KB)

Holly Road, Twickenham [1983/475 GLC] made on 21 November 1983 Grosvenor Road to Queens Road(pdf, 62KB)

Holly Road, Twickenham [1987/SR 7398/1] made on 16 November 1987 Queens Road to Copthall Gardens(pdf, 53KB)

King Street, Richmond [SI 1958 No 1835] made on 4 November 1958(pdf, 43KB)

Latham Road, Twickenham [1985/119 GLC] made on 4 March 1985 March Road to Whitton Road(pdf, 31KB)

Manor Gardens, Richmond [1990/17] made on 21 May 1990(pdf, 62KB)

May Road, Twickenham [1983/316] made on 1 August 1983 –The Green to Albion Road(pdf, 32KB)

May Road, Twickenham [1985/619] made on 16 December 1985 –Albion Road to Colne Road(pdf, 33KB)

New Road, Ham [1977/076 GLC] made on 10 February 1977(pdf, 31KB)

Nightingale Lane, Richmond [1993/28] made on 26 July 1993 Wick Cottage to Richmond Hill(pdf, 50KB)

Oak Lane, Twickenham [1983/071 GLC] made on 28 February 1983(pdf, 31KB)

Oldfield Road, Hampton [1982/302 GLC] made on 13 September 1982 Beards Hill to Percy Road(pdf, 33KB)

Ormond Road, Richmond [SI 1957 No 2063] made on 25 November 1957(pdf, 41KB)

Park Road, Hampton Wick [1983/523 GLC] made on 12 December 1983 School Road to Church Grove(pdf, 35KB)

Parkleys Parade, Ham [1997/19] made on 24 February 1997(pdf, 35KB)

Penrhyn Crescent, Sheen [1986/SR 7524/1] made on 25 November 1986 part only(pdf, 62KB)

Plevna Road, Hampton [1977/148 GLC] made on 21 March 1977 Thames Street to Varna Road(pdf, 40KB)

Priests Bridge, Sheen [SI 1963 No 939] made on 13 May 1963(pdf, 46KB)

Rosslyn Road, Twickenham [1969/027 GLC] made on 28 January 1969 Richmond Road to Riverdale Road(pdf, 36KB)

Second Cross Road, Twickenham [1987/SR 7313/1] made on 14 September 1987(pdf, 57KB)

Shalstone Road, Mortlake [1996/29] made on 22 April 1996(pdf, 33KB)

Somerton Avenue, Richmond [1981/322 GLC] made on 21 September 1981(pdf, 41KB)

Strathmore Road, Teddington [2000/11] made on 15 March 2000 Youth Centre to Stanley Road(pdf, 104KB)

Part 2 – Orders which affect more than one street

Church Terrace (part), Wakefield Road and Lewis Road, Richmond [1985/120 GLC] made on 4 March 1985(pdf, 50KB)

Cresswell Road, Denton Road and Morley Road, Twickenham [1968/202 GLC] made on 25 June 1968(pdf, 75KB)

Cobbett Road and Springfield Road, Teddington [2007/05] made on 22 January 2007(pdf, 133KB)

Cumberland Road and Leyborne Park, Kew [1990/46] made on 5 November 1990(pdf, 61KB)

Evelyn Road and Shaftesbury Road, Richmond [SI 1963 No 951] made on 14 May 1963(pdf, 58KB)

First Cross Road and Knowle Road, Twickenham [1966/104 GLC] made on 12 July 1966(pdf, 94KB)

  • The Green, Twickenham (slip roads at junction of The Green (North Side) and The Green (South Side)

Heathfield North and Heathfield South, Twickenham [1995/72] made on 20 November 1995(pdf, 57KB)

Hill Rise and Richmond Hill, Richmond [1968/106 GLC] made on 2 April 1968 Petersham Road to Friars Stile Road(pdf, 80KB)

Kingsway, Mortlake and St Leonards Road (part), Sheen [1974/256 GLC] made on 13 June 1974(pdf, 59KB)

Queens Ride and the link to A205 Upper Richmond Road, Barnes [SI 1964 No 590] made on 17 April 1964(pdf, 65KB)

St Johns Road and Larkfield Road, Richmond [SI 1963 No 860] made on 25 April 1963(pdf, 72KB)

Stanley Gardens Road and York Road, Teddington [1995/33] made on 9 May 1995(pdf, 50KB)

Station Approach and Station Parade, Kew [1985/498 GLC] made on 14 October 1985(pdf, 60KB)

Water Lane and Wharf Lane, Twickenham [SI 1957 No 342] made on 1 March 1957(pdf, 232KB)

In Richmond town centre [SI 1963 No 266] made on 11 February 1963(pdf, 119KB)

  • Duke Street, Richmond
  • Eton Street, Richmond
  • George Street, Richmond
  • Paradise Road, Richmond
  • Red Lion Street, Richmond
  • The Square, Richmond

In the Richmond area [1973/028 GLC] made on 1 February 1973(pdf, 199KB)

  • Cardigan Road, Richmond
  • Grosvenor Road, Richmond
  • Quadrant Road, Richmond
  • Sydney Road, Richmond
  • The Green, Richmond
  • The Vineyard, Richmond

In the Twickenham and St Margarets area [1994/46] made on 25 July 1994(pdf, 83KB)

  • Bridge Road, Twickenham
  • Broadway Avenue, Twickenham
  • Kenley Road, Twickenham
  • Queens Road, Twickenham
  • Sidney Road, Twickenham

In the Woodlawn Estate, Whitton area [2002/27] made on 15 July 2002(pdf, 126KB)

  • Ellerman Avenue, Whitton
  • Lyndhurst Avenue, Whitton
  • Waverley Avenue, Whitton

Part 3 – Orders which affect slip roads and one-way plugs at road junctions

The Avenue near junction with A316 Twickenham Road, Twickenham [1995/07] made on 16 January 1995(pdf, 237KB)

Cole Park Road at junction with A310 London Road [2003/52] made on 8 September 2003(pdf, 71KB)

Glebe Way / Staines Road / Twickenham Road, Twickenham [1986/06 Hounslow] made on 10 November 1986(pdf, 42KB)

Grosvenor Gardens, Barnes at junction with A205 Upper Richmond Road West [1981/287 GLC] made on 17 August 1981(pdf, 47KB)

Hanworth Road at junction with Uxbridge Road, Hampton Hill [1971/263 GLC] made on 13 August 1971(pdf, 45KB)

Railway Approach junction with London Road, Twickenham [1990/55] made on 19 November 1990(pdf, 96KB)

Richmond Hill at junction with Queens Road, Richmond [1988/01] made on 18 January 1988(pdf, 56KB)

St Leonards Road, Mortlake at junction with A205 Clifford Avenue [1991/48] made on 25 November 1991(pdf, 79KB)

Road junctions in the Richmond area [SI 1965 No 932] made on 31 March 1965(pdf, 974KB)

  • Sheen Road / Queens Road
  • Sheen Lane / A205 Upper Richmond Road West (Milestone Green)
  • A316 Twickenham Road / Kew Road / Lower Mortlake Road / St Johns Road, Richmond (Richmond Circus Area)

Updated: 09 November 2020

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